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Information about airport in Poltava and flights.

The bad news is that there are no flights to Poltava Airport right now! The new building of the airport as you see it today was build in 1985. The airport is located on a road between Kiev and Kharkov about 7km from Poltava city. This is the main problem why there are no regular flights from Poltava airport. It's only 2 hours from Poltava to Kharkov and 3 hours to Kiev where there are big International Airports with many flights everyday. The total population of Poltava is about 300 thousands and there are just not enough of people to fly to cover the cotsts. Still the airport can serve charter flights and can be used to fly from Kiev to Poltava.
Poltava Airport

Poltava Airport on the map.

Poltava Airport on a map