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Schedule of buses going from Kiev to Poltava. Book tickets online.

Bus station in Poltava is located on the edge of the city, just next to the main road from Kiev to Kharkov. The terminal can serve a lot of people at the same time. It has few levels that include ticket office open 24 hours and a cafe on the 2nd floor. It takes about 5 hours to travel from Kiev to Poltava by bus. The prices for tickets is cheap, you can buy one for about $11. The only problem with buses in Ukraine is that the roads are not so good and it's not really comfortable to travel this way. Bus drivers can stop at any place to get more passengers even if there are no seats. You can book the tickets online at ticket.bus.com.ua using Visa or MasterCard.
Poltava Bus Station

Buses timetable from Kiev to Poltava. 338 km travel distance. 5 hours travel time.

Bus type Departure Arrival Departure time Arrival time Ticket price
BAZ-29 Kiev Poltava 06:30 12:00 $10
Mytsubysy-55 Kiev Poltava 07:20 12:20 $11
Gunsel-49 Kiev Poltava 08:00 13:05 $11
Neoplan-47 Kiev Poltava 10:05 15:25 $11
Mytsubysy-55 Kiev Poltava 11:00 16:10 $11
Mytsubysy-55 Kiev Poltava 12:00 17:10 $11
Neoplan-45 Kiev Poltava 13:30 19:13 $11
Mytsubysy-55 Kiev Poltava 15:15 20:20 $11
Vantkhool-45 Kiev Poltava 16:20 22:05 $11
Mytsubysy-55 Kiev Poltava 17:00 22:05 $11
Mytsubysy-55 Kiev Poltava 22:15 03:30 $11