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All recent news and events in Poltava Ukraine.

If you are travelling to Poltava and would like to know what is going on in the city, please, follow the news that we post about local events. We will keep you updated about current situation.

Biking in Poltava. 15 km trip through the city.

Biking in Poltava July 13, 2015. 15 km long biking trip is scheduled in Poltave for July 14. The event will start at 18:50 near Victory Park at Oleksiy Kelin monument. The route will go through Pershotravneviy Prospect - Kotlyarevskogo St. - City Center - Pushkina St. - Myasoyedova St. The trip is going to take about 2 hours. Anyone can take part in this event, they just need to have a bike with them and be older than 16 y.o., younger kids can be there only with their parents. During the trip you can learn more about old oak trees in Poltava that have 100+ years old history. Read more here.

HOLI FEST coming to Poltava!

HOLI FEST festival of colors in Poltava July 2, 2015. HOLI FEST festival of colors is coming to Poltava this year. The event is scheduled to start on July 11 at 4pm in Victory Park in Poltava near Villa Krokodila restaurant. You can by the paint for the festival starting from today for 45 UAH for 100g, next week starting from Monday the price will go up. Read more here.

Poltava National Pedagogical University celebrates 100 year anniversary!

Poltava National Pedagogical University October 10, 2014. So it was a big holiday for all the students and people who work at the university. It was founded in 1914 as Poltava Teachers Institute. There were a lot of interesting guests such as vice-minister of Education and Science of Ukraine and Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Ruslan Koshulynskyi. Read more here.

The Third Phase of CBA Project was launched in Poltava

CBA Project in Poltava October 9, 2014. Partnership Agreement was signed with Poltava Regional State Administration duting the seminar and presentation of the CBA Project. The head of Poltava Regional State Administration Viktor Bugaychuk said that cooperation with international organizations is good for Poltava Region. "That is very interesting project and it will help us in energy saving." Read more here.

Poltava tank units on training in Dnepropetrovsk Region

Poltava tank unit October 8, 2014. Tank units from Poltava are now taking part in the military exercises in Dnepropetrovsk Region. Almost everyday they do training shooting from T-64 tanks under different conditions. And they also practice using machine guns of their tanks. The main goal of such training is to teach the soldiers to work together in a team. Read more here.

World Bank and medics of Poltava are planning to buy equipment.

World Bank and medics of Poltava October 7, 2014. Experts from World Bank has visited Poltava Region, they had a meeting with Department of Health Care of Poltava Regional State Administration. During the meeting they were discussing a plan to buy medical and computer equipment and software and to train specialists. Read full article here.

The Plast National Scout Organization of Ukraine had training in Poltava.

The Plast National Scout Organization of Ukraine October 6, 2014. The Plast National Scout Organization of Ukraine had 3 days training in Poltava for young boys and girls. The main goal for the training was to give survival skills to young people and prepare them for possible military actions. There were 25 people in total who took part in this event. You can read about it more here.

Ukrainian flag on Russian monument for Poltava Battle.

Ukrainian flag on Russian monument for Poltava Battle. October 6, 2014. A group of patriots put Ukrainian flag on a monument in the center of Poltava. They have also added a banner that says "Glory to Ukraine - Glory to the heroes". That monument is a symbol of Russian Army glory. It's a reminder for the battle in 1709 when Russian Army defeat Swedish Army. That battle is known now as Poltava Battle. Read full story here with photos and video.