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Poltava tank units on training in Dnepropetrovsk Region

Poltava tank unit October 8, 2014. During 3rd wave of mobilization in Ukriane into Ukrainian Army a lot of people from Poltava who were in reserve decided to go back to Army to help to protect the country in a conflict with Russia on the East of Ukraine. So these people now practice their skills. And a lot of activities are taking place in Dnepropetrovsk Region that borders with Donetsk Region where pro-Russian terrorists are most avtive and keep attacking Ukrainian Army positions. Tank units from Poltava are now taking part in the military exercises in Dnepropetrovsk Region. Almost everyday they do training shooting from T-64 tanks under different conditions like fireing from a moving tank or from short range or from a distance at different targets. And they also practice using machine guns of their tanks. The main goal of such training is to teach the soldiers to work together in a team. Reported by www.adm-pl.gov.ua

Photo of the Poltava tank unit.

Poltava tank unit