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World Bank and medics of Poltava are planning to buy equipment.

World Bank in Poltava October 7, 2014. Experts from World Bank has visited Poltava Region, they had a meeting with Department of Health Care of Poltava Regional State Administration. During the meeting they were discussing a plan to buy medical and computer equipment and software and to train specialists. The group of Word Bank presented the Program Leader in Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova Country Unit - Paolo Carlo Belli. Ukrainian side presented the Department Director Victor Lysaka. They paid special attention to the question of effective use of the funds given for the project. Poltava's specialists of Health Care unit said they were sure in the success of the project. Implementation of the tasks of this project is supposed to increase the quality of medical help to people who have problems with blood pressure. 
Reported by np.pl.ua

Photos of World Bank experts on a meeting in Poltava.

World Bank in Poltava World Bank in Poltava